What I Do On My Summer Vacations

It’s that time of year when the kids are all back in school again, and their teachers have started dishing out homework assignments… like writing an essay about “What I Did On My Summer Vacation.”  To commemorate this time-honored topic for English class, I have decided to write my own little essay about what I do in the summer when I get to take little vacations from my work.

Whenever I can find a little “down time” in between weddings and/or teaching, I like to get outdoors, far far away from my studio… and go kayaking

or hiking

or windsurfing

or biking 

or water skiing

or running

or paddle boarding.

[Photos courtesy of my husband and business partner, Dana Becker]

I must admit that if I had turned in the above essay in Grade School, Sister Rita would have given me a pretty bad grade, because there’s not very much text here.

But moving from the world of Grade School back to the “real world,” you may be wondering why I’m even bothering to write about my favorite playtime activities on a blog that pertains to my business.  After all, why should you care about what I do in my spare time?

Here’s why:   In order to be an effective Wedding Planner, I have to be in good shape.

On the day of a wedding, I am typically on my feet for about 12 hours.  I am constantly on the move at the wedding location, overseeing all of the service providers to ensure that they are working in sync.  Of course, I am also continually monitoring the couple and their guests to make sure that all of their needs are being taken care of.

Overall, it is a physically demanding day.  And to ensure that I can do my job well, so that the wedding flows flawlessly, it is essential that I am in good physical condition.

So whenever I have some time to get away from work and enjoy some summertime fun, I am still helping my clients… by choosing activities that help me stay in shape!

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