Why I Do What I Do – Part 2

Every day, I work very hard to produce the most fabulous and flawless events for my clients.  Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping brides and grooms create a wonderful wedding celebration that they can thoroughly enjoy on their special day, as well as the rest of their lives together.

To create these sensational celebrations, I work closely with a multitude of skilled service providers – venues, caterers, photographers, florists, musicians, etc.  And from my close relationships with these service providers, I know that they all share the same strong desires and beliefs about making the wedding day wonderful for the couple.  Just like myself, my professional colleagues want the entire wedding industry to be “Stylishly Ever After” too.

Unfortunately, over the years, there have been a number of attempts to denigrate the wedding industry by journalists who have written books and articles, accusing us of overcharging our clients.  I realize that these journalists have very limited understanding of our industry because they never actually have worked as a wedding service provider.   But I am always professionally and personally offended whenever I see or hear about these books or articles.

My simple response to their uninformed assertions can be summarized in a single rhetorical question:

If wedding service providers are all engaged in the practice of relentlessly ripping off our clients, as these journalists have alleged, then wouldn’t we all be living in the kind of luxurious mansions that many brides & grooms love to choose as a site for their celebrations?

The Kohl Mansion, Burlingame, CA  |  Photo: Wendy Maclaurin Richardson

In fact, I’m not aware of anyone in my industry who lives a particularly lavish lifestyle, but I do know of wedding service providers who have struggled to make ends meet (especially over the last couple of years).  Some of those struggling service providers could perhaps find more lucrative opportunities in other professions, but like the proverbial “starving artist,” they have chosen to remain in the wedding industry simply because they love it so much.

Everyone in the wedding industry who knows me, knows that I’m really big on education.  And I would love to have the opportunity to educate those journalists who negatively portray the work of wedding industry professionals.  So here’s my modest suggestion – I will gladly challenge any and all of these journalists to a debate on this subject.  How about it, Rebecca Mead, Miss Manners and the rest of you? Whenever and wherever it’s convenient for all of us to hold a debate is just fine by me.

Now, I don’t mean to suggest that the wedding industry is perfect. (That’s a subject I’ll discuss in a future blog post – the 3rd and final part of this topic “Why I Do What I Do.”)  But during my many years in this industry, I have found that my professional colleagues are the most dedicated, hardest-working group of people that I have ever been associated with.  And I am as honored to work with them as I am to work with my clients.

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog Joyce. Yet another avenue for you to share your beautiful work and educate clients and other industry folks. It’s been an honor to work with you over the years and of course I look forward to many more!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Kevin. Yes, I also look forward to working with you on many more events in the future!

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